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Multicolored Asian Beetles (Harmonia axyridis). 


The Asian beetles has become common throughout the United States. It is well known for the annoying habit of accumulating on the sides of buildings and wandering indoors during the fall. Asian beetles are a beneficial biological control in trees during the summer, and in fields and gardens during the fall, but can be a severe household nuisance during late fall and winter. Wooded residential and industrial areas are especially prone to problems.

Asian beetles follow their instinctive behavior and fly to sunny, exposed surfaces when preparing to hibernate through the winter. The time of beetle flight varies but is usually from mid-September through October (depending on weather). Light colored buildings and walls in full sun appear to attract the most beetles.

A light trap  


This method takes advantage of the multicolored Asian beetle’s affinity for light. If placed in a dark part of the house or turned on at night, the bulb in a light trap tempts beetles toward it and into a jar. The beetles can’t escape from the jar and remain alive inside it until you either empty it outdoors or fill it with soapy water to kill the insects. Instructions for making your own light trap are easy to come by, or you can buy one. Some commercial versions include pheromone bait as an additional attractant for these group-loving insects.

Camphor and menthol


It have been shown by some studies to repel multicolored Asian beetles. They reportedly work well until they evaporate, which happens relatively quickly. This makes them less practical than other repellants, but for short-term control, or with repeated applications, they may help. If you’re worried about evaporation.

Glue traps


These can be placed in windowsills and other places where Asian beetles are commonly seen. This kind of trap is simple: just adhesive on a cardboard sheet. Any insect that walks over it gets stuck and ultimately dies. When the sheet fills up, you can just throw it away.


Best Natural Asian Beetle Control Methods

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